How it works

Determine which users will be allowed to reset their Active Directory passwords with help of the AD Password Mail Service. You do this by creating (or reusing if appropriate) one or more AD security group(s) and add selected user accounts to these group(s). WSPMS will create unique registration codes for each user and makes these available to you in a formatted plain text file. PasswordResetMailYou can use this file to distribute the registration codes with instructions to your users (e.g. combine/merge with MS Word to create a letter for each user, or deliver in any other way). Another option is to let WSPMS send a registration request e-mail automatically to each user once when a valid e-mail address is set in the AD user properties. Once a user has its unique registration code she can register to the password service by sending an e-mail with a subject like ‘register FK9HW3WT’ from her personal e-mail account to the WSPMS company mailbox. That way you know for sure the external e-mail addresses are up-to-date and working.

Once registered, a user who wishes to reset her password simply sends an e-mail with subject ‘reset’ to the WSPMS company mailbox. A mail with a unique code is send back to the user to confirm and validate the request. Once validated by replying, the the password recovery process is completed by sending out a new one-time-password to the user.

The user is guided through the password reset by e-mails with instructions from WSPMS. Each e-mail is based on an HTML template and is fully customizable. Inline images (e.g. company logo’s) are supported. It makes sense to make the registration part of the procedure for new employees or students: the user sets her password, WSPMS has a working external password recovery e-mail address and you can include an IT introduction to the confirmation e-mail to the employee.

It is also easy to implement optional web forms for registration and password reset requests. The only thing the code behind the form needs to do is send an e-mail! An example PHP-solution is included to show how it is done.

We include configuration example settings for Microsoft Office 365, but any mail server will do. IMAP and SMTP access is all that is needed. Google Apps, Zoho Mail, your own Exchange server or any other professional solution will do.

20-user trial & licensing

WSPMS will run in 20-user trial mode if no license key is entered. This means that the total number of user accounts in the configured security groups must not exceed 20.

AD Password Mail Service pricing is based on the total number of users in all configured security groups and is subscription based, but will NOT renew automatically. A subscription gives you usage rights, updates and e-mail support for 1 year. We are open to feature requests and will seriously consider these if they help more customers.

WSPMS pricing is based on the number of serviced Active Directory users (the ones who can initiate a password reset request) and is subscription based. A subscription gives you usage rights, updates and e-mail support for 1 year.

Only $1 (€0.90) per user per year! (a minimum amount of 50 licenses applies)

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