End-users do not need access to FTP client software anymore and subsequently cannot do ‘bad things’ because they do not have direct access to the FTP server. You can specify that only specific file types will be moved from one location to another. Only new or changed files since the last synchronization will be uploaded in the default configuration. One can also choose to delete files in destination location that do not exist anymore in source location. WSFTPSync lets you customize and automate FTP commands to your needs. Take control of FTP file transfers with WSFTPSync.

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WS FTP Sync Service is the easy to manage solution for your FTP file transfer needs to website or partner companies. Copy, delete, mirror or update files and folders depending on your FTP task settings. Both in upload and download scenarios. You configure it once; the rest happens automatically. WSFTPSync uses FTP data stream zip compression ('MODE Z' ) if the server supports it. It can also limit the FTP upload and/or download speeds. Strictly speaking, the WSFTPSync service can replace any FTP client and automate the upload (or download) process at the same time.

Each computer (server) that runs WSFTPSync needs a license. The license is subscription based. A subscription gives you usage rights, updates and e-mail support for 1 year. It will NOT renew automatically. We are open to feature requests and will seriously consider these if they help more customers. One license for WS FTP Sync Service is only $ 39 (€ 29).

WSFTPSync: Managed file transfers the easy, secure and safe way. WSFTPSync also supports SFTP: SSH File Transfer Protocol, which is the successor to SCP and is completely different from FTP over SSL.

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