WSADReport is a utility to export your Active Directory objects like users and computers to CSV and Excel files for auditing, reporting and scripting purposes. You can specify things like the object classes to include, selected or all AD attributes, exclude disabled objects and Exchange attributes. By default it will export ALL attributes that have a value set of every user and computer Active Directory object. For user and computer objects it includes the real last login date and time by enumerating all domain controllers for this specific value. It also lists all group memberships (including nested) of user and computer objects. Excel makes it easy to filter, search and report on the Active Directory data. The utility can be run as a Windows scheduled task to automatically generate periodical AD audits.

Possible parameters (all parameters are optional)
/parameter(s): description [default]

/help /?: Show help text
/server /s: LDAP server to connect to []
/user /u: Username for LDAP connection []
/password /p: Password for LDAP connection []
/folder /f: Output folder for generated reports [current working folder]
/class /c: Object classes (comma separated) to be reported [user,computer]
/attributes /a: Object attributes (comma separated) to be reported [all attributes that have a value]
/ssl: Use SSL LDAP connection on port 636. Server must have a valid SSL-certificate. Authentication is also encrypted without SSL. [false]
/skipDisabled: Do not report objects that are disabled [false]
/skipExchange: Do not report MS Exchange attributes [false]
/savePhoto: Save user photo (eg thumbnailPhoto attribute) to file if there is any [false]
/open: Show Excel spreadsheet after command is finished [false]

Run as logged in domain joined user: WSADReport.exe
Specify server and credentials: WSADReport.exe /server:ldap01.mydomain.local /user:admin@mydomain.local /password:mypassword
Specify object classes: WSADReport.exe /class:user,computer

Download WSADReport (the trial is limited to 50 objects per class but is fully operational otherwise)

Download WSADReport

Licensing is based on the number of reported objects per class (eg a license for 100 objects will report a maximum of 100 computers and 100 users)
Buy Now (max number of objects per class)

Up to 100 - $60 (€50)
Up to 500 - $240 (€200)
Up to 1000 - $350 (€300)
Up to 5000 - $1250 (€1000)
Up to 10000 - $1800 (€1500)
Unlimited (contact us!)

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