ResXedit is a small KISS editor to create and edit RESX XML translation files used to localize applications made in Microsoft VB and C# .NET.

The actual person doing the translation does not need Visual Studio when using this small utility. You send the main resource files to the translator. The translator opens ResXedit and chooses File->New Translation and inputs source and destination details. The original language texts are copied to the Comments column. The new translation RESX file is a file that can now be edited without any other source files.

Quick navigation: use arrow keys to navigate the grid. Use enter key to go one row down. Start typing to replace the content in the focused cell or use the text boxes at the bottom. Use F2 to edit existing cell content. Tab and shift-tab navigates between controls like usual.

Developer notes: simple enable localization for a winform by setting the Localizable attribute to True. A resx file will be created for each form. ASPX localization works in a somewhat similar way. ResXEdit filters out any non text/string resources so the resulting translation files stay small.

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