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WizardSoft ActivePasswords is our lightweight, but powerful and fully customizable password strength & account synchronization tool. It gives the system administrator fine-grained control of Active Directory password complexity settings. ActivePasswords makes it possible and easy to manage multiple password complexity policies for a selection of Active Directory security groups or organizational units. Our tool ensures that your end users use good passwords while limiting help desk calls related to passwords. It is the most powerful password rules validator for Windows Server. Native code means fast execution and reliable in use. ActivePasswords uses official Windows API hooks to achieve its goals and is unicode compatible. ActivePasswords is a Password Sync Tool, Account Sync Tool and Password Complexity Manager.

A trial is available for download, no questions asked. You also want to read the QuickStart Manual. If no license key is entered ActivePasswords will be fully functional for 30 days after installation. After this period ActivePasswords will stop functioning and your servers will continue to work like they did before installing ActivePasswords.

ActivePasswords periodically queries your Active Directory for changes and makes those changes available in a practical format for processing by various scripts. These scripts can be used to automatically synchronize AD user account properties and passwords to Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps or a second remote LDAP/ADSI/AD domain. Example scripts are included that fully configure user accounts for Office 365 and Google Apps. ActivePasswords can also automatically import users from text files to Active Directory.

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change password
With ActivePasswords you decide what complexity requirements must be satisfied when a domain passwords is changed or reset. Settings are applied with Group Policies ADMX templates.

You can apply different password policies for different Active Directory security groups or OU’s. In a school environment students can have an easy password while teachers must have strong passwords.

Password Complexity Setting

ActivePasswords provides many optional Windows password complexity rules:
  • Minimum password length
  • Maximum password length
  • Maximum number of repeated characters (prevents a password like 'Aaaaaaa1')
  • Maximum number of consecutive ascending or descending characters (prevents '1234Cba')
  • Minimum number of upper case letters
  • Minimum number of lower case letters
  • Minimum number of special characters (like @, %)
  • Minimum number of character categories
  • Contains no space
  • Contains no vowels (aeiou)
  • Only allow certain characters
  • Forbid specific characters
  • Does not contain any part of the username or user first or last name
  • Does not contain any custom forbidden/illegal words (read from utf-8 text file or group policy)
  • Does not contain any obfuscations/alterations of forbidden words or name
  • Validate the password against a regular expression ('abC' will pass '[a-z]b[A-Z]'; 'abc' won't)
  • Validate the password on change and optionally reset event
Example of an ActivePasswords rule:
  • The password has at least 2 upper and 2 lower case letters
  • has at least 1 number
  • may not contain the username, first or last name
  • may not contain a space
  • is at least 5 and at most 16 characters long
  • may not contain the words 'password, welcome, login and company' or obfuscations of these words like 'P@ssw0rD'
  • is checked on password change and reset events
ActivePasswords has no problem with a forbidden word dictionary that contains ten thousands of words. The words must not appear anywhere in the password. E.g. myPassword11 will not pass the test if the word password is in the list.

Installation is easy: configure ActivePasswords on each of your domain controllers (Windows Server 2008(R2), 2012(R2) and 2016 are supported), setup the group policies to your liking and after one reboot you are done! No need to touch your desktops and laptops. You can keep track of password related events through the Windows event viewer and a log file.

Password Expire Warning
Optionally you can run the small tool PCR (short for PasswordChangeRequest) on client computers that periodically warns the end user starting 8 days before her password expires. Users see a customizable clear top level message popup requesting a password change. This is much better than the default behaviour of Windows 7: it only displays a small balloon tip for a short moment in the notification area that says 'consider changing your password'…

ActivePasswords pricing is based on the number of enabled Active Directory users and is subscription based. A subscription gives you usage rights, updates and e-mail support for 1 year.
Only $1 (€0.90) per user per year! (a minimum amount of 50 licenses applies)

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ActivePasswords is the solution for password complexity management and makes it easy to create scripts to sync user AD passwords and properties to services like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps or a Directory service like Active Directory or eDirectory.

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