WS Monitor Controls

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WS Monitor Controls
This utility gives you easy access to your display configuration controls directly from Windows 10. Adjust the monitor's brightness, contrast and color temperature without having to reach for small and cumbersome physical monitor buttons. Lower the brightness in the evening to prevent eye strain.

GUI Menu (WIN+F3)
The menu of WS Monitor Controls is accessible through the Windows System Tray (the area left to the clock) and gives quick access to display controls. The shortcut for the menu is WIN+F3. If the icon is hidden behind the 'Show hidden icons'-arrow, you can simply drag it to a visible part of the systray.

Available controls:
    -Save...  Saves current monitor settings to file
    -Browse Storage  Open storage folder in Windows Explorer
    -Followed by a list of previously saved monitor settings which can be loaded
    -Show Volume  Show or hide the monitor's volume control (build-in speakers)
    -Help...  Show this readme
-Monitor selection dropdown
-Reset Settings button (factory defaults)
-Brightness percentage slider
-Contrast percentage slider
-Color Temperature selection (custom, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K, 7500K, 8200K, 9300K, 10000K and 11500K)
  -Custom:  3 additional color sliders appear to set the red, green and blue intensity individually.
-Volume percentage slider (adjust the volume of the monitor's build-in speakers, if available.

You can use the usual keyboard keys:
-TAB/SHIFT+TAB to switch controls
-Cursor keys to select values
-PageUp/PageDown with sliders (or click left/right relative from the current position) to increase/decrease value with 10%

When using the sliders you can optionally hold CTRL to change the value for all attached monitors.

WSMonitor.exe command line parameters:
/load name Load monitor settings from file
/save name Save current monitor settings to file

Files are saved to %APPDATA%\WSMonitor . Optionally you can copy setting files into %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\WSMonitor to make them available to all computer users.

Please be aware that control of attached monitors depends on whether the monitor supports DDC/CI commands. If it does not, it is not controllable from any software. The support of color temperatures especially varies between monitors. When nothing seems to happen, try another temperature.