WS Grid+ Window Manager - resizer, mover, presets and more

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WS Grid+ Window Manager

WS Grid+ is an accessible window manager for Windows 10. It helps you make order out of many chaotic program windows scattered across your screen(s). It lets you move and/or resize the active window using a grid selection system. It also provides keyboard/mouse shortcuts to instantly move and resize a window with no need to reach for the its title bar. Finally it gives you useful shortcuts to the Windows 10 virtual desktops feature.

Double-tap key CTRL (or ALT + F1) to open/move the panel at/to the current mouse pointer's location. Use the mouse to make a grid selection. The active application window will duplicate the chosen relative position and size. Press CTRL while clicking on a grid cell to only change the window's position and leave its size as-is. Press key ESC to close the panel (no focus needed).

Available controls:
-Enable App Focus Mode WIN+F5 Dims background windows; 'hilites' the windows of the active application. Per monitor setting.
-Bring Application Windows to Front
-Size presets: Resize active window to preset dimensions and reposition to make it completely visible if needed (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200, 1920x1440)
-Move active window to previous/next monitor
-Reposition active window so it is fully visible
-Change number of grid cells

-Instant Window Movement
ALT + MOUSE_MOVE         Instantly move window at mouse pointer. 
                         If CAPSLOCK is on, the window can be 'snapped' to a neighbouring window or screen border.

-Instant Window Resize
ALT + DOUBLE_CLICK       Maximize/restore window
ALT + WIN + MOUSE_MOVE   Resize window at mouse pointer
                         If CAPSLOCK is on, the window can be 'snapped' to a neighbouring window or screen border.

-Window Preset Shortcuts
ALT + SHIFT + 1..0       New preset containing active window's position and size  
ALT + 1..0               Apply window preset 1..0 to active window

-Virtual Desktop Shortcuts
WIN + 1..0 (10)          Switch to virtual desktop 1..10
ALT + WIN + 1..0 (10)    Move active window to virtual desktop 1..10

Hold CTRL while closing a window to close all windows of the same application (process), effectively closing the application.

-Instant Window Movement
-Instant Window Resize
-Window Preset Shortcuts
-Virtual Desktop Shortcuts
-Set Main Shortcut to Double-tap CTRL or ALT + F1
-App Focus Dim Level
-Hide Desktop (icons) in App Focus Mode