Error opening Help in Windows-based programs: "Feature not included" or "Help not supported"

If you use some dated, but useful software on Windows 10 which uses the old winhlp32 help-system (.hlp files) you will get an unhelpful feeling from the Microsoft response when trying to open its help files through the menu or context-sensitive help F1... It opens a web-page showing options for Windows 7 up to 8.1, but nothing for Windows 10...

There are other sites out there giving instructions on how to fix things. It can involve extracting .msu and .cab files, adjusting NTFS file-permissions with too many resulting UAC-dialogs, and hoping Windows will not put the unhelpful winhlp32.exe stub back again.

Here is an easy fix: download this zip file, extract, right click on the file install.cmd and choose 'Run as administrator'. That's it. If Windows at some future update decides to overwrite the winhlp32.exe file again, just repeat this process. Keep this folder handy somewhere.