You can extend ProfileHelper with your own scripts. The solution for Windows User Profile Automation is ProfileHelper, an affordable and easy to use solution to manage Windows profiles in corporate and educational networks.

We do things differently. We maintain Windows networks ourselves and know the needs of the system administrator. We have looked at other complex, large and expensive desktop management tools around. They didn’t solve our needs and sometimes even added to the frustration because of inconsistent behavior. Our solution is free from large databases, unresponsive GUI’s that needs many clicks to get something done, software prerequisites and slow agents. It uses proven and stable technology available in Windows in an easy to use way.

We do profile & computer management the KISS way with ProfileHelper
Once you understand the basic principles it becomes simple and fast to maintain user profiles and make adjustments. ProfileHelper is a complement to or replacement of group policies and preferences. It makes common tasks much easier and faster to do. It will save you lots of time and frustration.

Some features

Out of the box ProfileHelper can do all of the following:

All settings are applied through the tool you already know: the Group Policy Management Console. Here you will find a new configuration section: ProfileHelper. This section contains all new configuration options in one central place. We use a system of versioning. If you set the version number of a policy to 0 it acts as a mandatory policy: it will be reapplied at every refresh event. If you set the version to 1 or higher you have full control over when a setting is applied to the client. A client will apply the setting only if it is enabled and didn’t apply the setting before, the clients version is lower than the new setting or the version number is set to 0.

ProfileHelper supports the “Bring your own Device/BYOD” model. You can apply settings through group policies, central configuration files or both.


Licensing is based on the maximum number of simultaneous/concurrent users at a time. This frequently equals the total number of computers. A subscription gives you usage rights, updates and e-mail support for 1 year. ProfileHelper is priced € 4,- ($ 4.50) per user per year (with a minimum amount of 20 licenses).

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