All computer systems are presented in a grid view. You can quickly filter the table to show only certain computers based on name, organizational unit, logged on user, OS, connected wifi access point, network and many other attributes. It's easy to find out which computer a user is logged on to. Performance statistics (like the ones available in the task manager) are also displayed: cpu activity, used memory, free disk space, disk activity, network activity and wireless signal strength. This way you have a good overview of the general health of all systems. You can select the columns to be displayed from a list of presets (ie Hardware, Security, Performance) or create your own custom view.

The administrator can select one or multiple pc's and perform actions like:

The following system statistics can be displayed in the computer list:

Computer Name, Group Membership, OU, Logged-in Users, Description, Last Scan, Os Name, Os Version, System Type, Boot Time
Last Update (Microsoft KB Number), Last Update Install Date, Firewall Enabled/Disabled, AntiVirus Name, AntiVirus Status (running/stopped, updated/out of date)
Manufacturer, Model, Model Number. Bios Version, Serial (service tag), OEM Text
Cpu, Number of Cpu's, Cpu Description
Memory in MB's, Fitted Memory Slots, Battery Status
Domain Name, Domain Join Date, Last Logon
Disk 1 Total GB, Disk 1 Free GB, Disk 2 Total GB, Disk 2 Free GB
Wired MAC Address, Wired IP Address
Wifi MAC Address, Wifi IP Address
Average Cpu Activity %, Memory Usage %, Disk Activity %, Wired Network Activity %, Wifi Activity %
Wifi Network, Connected Access Point, Radio Type, Channel, Signal Strength

FastAdmin gives you insight into active computers, available hardware, performance, load, logged in users, network and wifi usage and coverage.

The operator can create remote configuration and installation tasks. FastAdmin spreads the network load by randomising the task start time across client computers.

The grid is easy to sort and search. It can also be exported to Excel for reporting purposes. The presented computer inventory is always recent for online computers.

Examples of search expressions:

"Windows 10"
Computer overview

Overview of important information of Active Directory computers and servers

Performance overview

See at a glance the overall health status of systems

Create new setup task

Create remote installation or configuration tasks that run always, once or once every day, week or month

Remote task manager

See all running processes on remote computers with the possibility to end selected processes

FastAdmin is designed to 'keep it simple' and lets you do your job more efficiently. FastAdmin is the fast and easy Remote Administration Tool.

Each operator (sysadmin) using FastAdmin must have a license for each required Windows domain. The product is subscription based, but will NOT renew automatically. An active subscription gives you usage rights, updates and e-mail support for 1 year.

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