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Manage your Outlook signatures centrally. OutlookWizard gives you control over Outlook profile and e-mail signatures. It generates default html and plain text Outlook signatures for your users. These signatures can include automatically inserted Active Directory user attributes like first and last name, function, address and phone number. This way your company always uses the official style set by the marketing or communication department. You can also use it to promote special events or discounts to your customers. The e-mail signatures are easy to create and an editor is included: they are simple HTML files that may contain font formatting, links, logos and images (inserted inline). End-users are still able to add their own signatures or make changes if they want and if you allow them. The result is a consistent and flexible automated e-mail standard.

Outlook Signature
OutlookWizard helps you too with easy setup of an Outlook profile for new employees. It also proves it usefulness during a migration project to a new mail server or Microsoft Office 365. The result is an instantly working Outlook. No configuration dialogs, no enduser-agreement, no videos. Signatures are personalised and ready to use. New, reply and forward defaults are automatically setup and no dialogs are displayed to the end-user. Just click Outlook and start handling your e-mail.

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